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:: About beeing Jazzile

The musician Corinne Bailey Rae said in an interview with the radio station Bridge 90.0 (from minute 17:45) „(…) the jazz thing to me is just amazing because jazz is all about – obviously – democracy and freedom. It’s a bunch of people and it’s like sometimes it’s this guy’s turn to shine, sometime is this guy’s, sometimes it’s this guy’s. And you’re all like deciding in the moment who’s gonna take the lead. So, to me, Jazz is like the ultimate freedom music.“ 

This description of the fundamental nature and character of jazz music is very reminiscent of the interaction of a team that organizes itself consistently and naturally.

It is an indescribable pleasure to observe a really agile team at work or even to be a member of one yourself. Above all, you will encounter lightness. Teams that are associated or adorned with the term agile are highly efficient and adaptable.
If you observe them, you will notice the following phenomena, among others:

    - Each member of the team respects and values each other's abilities, talents, experience and skills.

    - Each member makes his or her knowledge and skills available without restriction and passes them on to other members.

    - Constructive criticism and active feedback are appreciated and used as a basis for positive collaboration.

    - The professional competence of a team member is inseparably linked to his or her decision-making authority.

    - All members of the team treat each other like adult individuals and appreciate any individuality.

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:: Beeing Jazzile

Observing such teams is a striking reminder of the musicians in a jazz ensemble, as sketched by Corinne Bailey Rea. 
Each member of the ensemble masters at least one instrument. Each one makes an individual contribution with his or her musical abilities and talents, using the composition merely as a basic structure and orientation guide. However, the collective music does not come into being merely by holding on to and repeating the given notes. The individual interpretation and the introduction of solos give the collaboration of the musicians their virtuosity and lightness. 

Each musician is familiar with the material, masters the rules and structures of music and above all his instrument. However, no one in the ensemble insists on his or her own ideas of how to play a composition. They all contribute themselves and their ideas, respect those of their fellow players, allow them to be allowed, follow each other and support each other. In this way, a joint piece of art can be created. The musicians are in a collective flow and do not know in advance how exactly the final result will look like. It is left to the virtuosity of the interaction and can be described with the word Jazzility. 

The LaCoCa model and the LaCoCa method provide the structure for the formation and interaction of a jazzy team: the instruments, the notes and a language, so to speak. With these means an easy and virtuoso cooperation of the team members can be created.

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