:: Licensing

In addition to the book "The Agile Organization“ (German) interested readers of this website can be provided with further documents to the laCoCa model and the laCoCa method as PDF or PowerPoint file.

A request can be made via the page :: Contact.

The use of the provided documents is subject to the licensing regulations CC BY-NC-ND 4.0.

Commercial use for business consultants, trainers or coaches is available upon request.

The following requirements have to be achieved for commercial use.

1.) Assessment of professional qualification

The expertise of the licensee will be determined in at least two hours of discussion, for example in the fields of kybenetics (e.g. topics such as the Viable System Model, Autopoiesis, Structural Coupling, Law of Requisit Variety or Homestasis), Social Science ( specifically the functioning of social systems according to Luhmann), synergetics, adult education and the organization of trainings and simulation workshops. During the concourse of the verbal assassment the level of  maturity and expereince in the mentioned topics will determined.

2.) Spedenverpflicht

Signing a commitment to make an annual donation to a charitable organization by the licensee. Commercial license agreement excludes royalty payments to the author. The objective of commercial licensing is the financial support of charitable and non-profit organizations and projects. The organization to be supported and the donation amount will be determined by the licensee, but should not be less than 3% of the turnover achieved my providing services based on the use of the laCoCa model and the laCoCa method.

 For further questions concerning commercial licensing, please use the :: Contact form on this website or send an email to info[at]lacoca.org.

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