LaCoCa, the language for design, development and operation of self-organizing teams and companies

The laCoCa model and the laCoCa method allow an integrated approach for the design, structuring, organization and daily operation of the uncompromissing and radical agility of self-organised teams, companies and enterprises.
Thus, the laCoCa model and its sister method close a critical gap, which has hitherto prevented a corporate transformation towards an flawless agile collaboration, business capabilities, processes and structures.

The radical agile transformation of organisations represents the next stage in the development of dynamic organizational models. Management, control and structure of companies according to traditionally hierarchical principles have reached their limits of effectiveness in the digital economy.

Specialized methods for agile ways of working have conquered different business areas. Software, product development or innovation management are well known examples for this.

However, they are not suited to ensure a organisation-wide agile management and collaboration.

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If you are interested in further information about the laCoCa model and the application of the laCoCa method, please do not hesitate to contact us.

We also carry out workshops and trainings with you and your teams so that you are independently able to apply both, the model and the method.

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